James E Wilson

Ambitious, organised, enthusiastic & adventurous with years of professional business development, technical sales & marketing experince. I've also enjoyed working in a variety and combination of project management, engineering, data management, quality control and being attentive to detail, hands on, with a keenness for people, business and all sorts of innovation that change for the better, the world and way in which we work & live. I've worked with cool apps and other software, in the energy, security & fire protection, marine, aviation and other industries over many years throughout the UK & Americas.

I enjoy spending most of my time in Vancouver, BC Canada & periodically enjoy business and pleasure visits throughout western Canada, the US and UK too. I enjoy learning and supporting new and exciting bright ideas and things. I can be contacted at 778 997 1038 in Vancouver, Canada and on 07712 899 746 in the UK & at james@jamesewilson.com

Kick starting my career, as a member of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, British Army, I proudly enjoyed serving with HM Royal Marines Commandos of HM Royal Navy in a number of military and engineering capacities, such as maintaining very operational attack helicopters in many of the worlds most challenging environments and conditions. More recently I've enjoyed working with people and developing my client relationship and business admin / management skills, gathering requirements, designing, administrating and selling solutions; solving technical, commercial, process and relationship problems, in budget, on time and with quality,

As well as various other fun and rewarding ventures such as professional driving, security, remote emergency medical response & property maintenance, I also continue to keenly enjoy supporting my wife, in the challenges and joys of operating her businesses and personally, I am fortunate to enjoy family life, have the opportunity to travel, previously enjoy being an on-call firefighter and IANTechD Scuba Diving instructor / remote expedition photographer and researcher. Today, whenever possible, I love to sail yachts, ride bicycles and ski, in Whistler sometimes as a volunteer ski patroller and enjoy quality time with my family and friends.